Sang Bleu Academy


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What's the school's philosophy?

Elevate young minds beyond the ordinary, instilling a passion for self-improvement and community betterment.

What is the typical age range for elementary school?

Preschool starts from age 1-5yrs, Primary school classes are for age 5-10yrs.

What is the typical age range for preschool?

Ages 1 to 5yrs

What's the student -teacher ratio?

For our pre-school, student teacher ratio is 5-1 and 12-1 for the primary school. Every preschool, and lower primary class has one teacher and one assistant. While the cleaners are not stationed in the class, they come in periodically to ensure a tidy environment.

What are the core subjects taught in elementary school?

Core subjects include Numeracy, Literacy, Science, Social studies, Geography and ICT.

Are there extracurricular activities at your school?

Yes, we offer extracurricular clubs like taekwondo, dance and drama, Music, Chess, Ballet, Conservation Club.

Are there opportunities for parent volunteers at the school?

Parents are encouraged to volunteer for school activities that spark their interest.

How can I communicate with my child's teacher?

We have in place several means by which parents can relate their concerns to the school or the class teachers. Parents can send emails, use the class WhatsApp groups, fill out the child’s communication book, or attend scheduled conferences for communication.

Do you provide school shuttle service?

Yes we provide shuttle service for our students. Our shuttle service is available for transportation to and from school.

How does the school handle disciplinary issues and promote positive behavior?

We have a clear code of conduct and a positive behavior reinforcement system to ensure a respectful and nurturing environment.

How does the school communicate with parents regarding their child's progress?

We maintain open communication through regular parent-teacher conferences, progress reports, and a dedicated Google Classroom portal.

How does the school handle medical emergencies or health-related concerns?

We have trained staff to handle first aid, and we work closely with parents to manage health-related concerns.

What technology and resources are available for students' learning and development?

We provide access to modern technology and educational resources to enhance the learning experience, such as Google Classroom, Canva, Coding platforms, and Virtual stem makerspaces.

Is shuttle service available in Sang Bleu Elementary

Yes, we offer safe and convenient transportation services for students who require them.

Can my child receive tutoring at school if they're struggling?

Yes, we offer tutoring or academic support services

Does your school accommodate other religions?

As a school, we accommodate, respect individual beliefs and provide spaces for religious practices and observances.

Are you affiliated with any other school?

We are not currently affiliated with any other school; however, we utilize the Nigerian and British curriculum, and our teaching methods are innovative, futuristic, and personalized.