This class furthers what pupils have been taught in Year One with new topics. Pupils are exposed to several subjects such as Numeracy, Literacy, Geography, Science, History, Religious Education, etc.
We have a blended approach to learning each subject in this class.
We incorporate the following

(i) Traditional Method: The use of note taking and topic explanation.
(ii) The use of audio-visuals
(iii) Use of flash cards
(iv) Practicals
(v) Group Discussion
(vi) Use of Pictures
(vii) Use of Worksheets

Do you think your ward qualifies for this class?
Try this quick test.

1. ____________________ a type of landform. (A) Mountain (B) Pen
2. 1/3 is an example of mixed number. (A) True (B) False ____________________

3. ____________________is a chemical that is used to treat, cure or prevent a disease or sickness.

4. Conscience is a thought and feeling that tells you whether something is ____________________ or ____________________ to do. (A) right or wrong (B) going or coming

5. Who is the first black South African President?
(A) Thambo Mbeki (B) Nelson Mandela