Year three is the highest class for the lower basic level (5-8 years old). Therefore, pupils are introduced progressively into the middle basic level (8-11 years old), with more verbal statements and elaborate explanations.
Pupils are exposed to several subjects such as Numeracy, Literacy, Science, Geography, Physical, Social, Health, Citizenship Education (P.S.H.C.E.), etc. with their immediate environment as a learning resource.

Basic Numeracy facts are tackled with real world problems. For example
4 x 5 = 20
Can be related as ;
If a chair has 4 legs, how many legs has 5 chairs?

Also, division is all about sharing. For example; 14 ÷ 2 = 7 is the same as saying share 14 apples among two boys.

In Literacy, we spell using Sounds and breaking words into syllables, having in mind that every syllable must contain a vowel.
For example:
Button = But/ton = But + ton
Magnetic = Mag/ne/tic = Mag + ne+ tic
Wonderful = Won/der/ful = Won + der + ful

Teaching has gone beyond the teacher dishing it out to the pupils. Our classroom is more interactive and interesting with our Audio-visuals, Class presentations, Group discussions & Projects

Pupil involvement is key

Test to know if your child fits into this class

1. Help Jack to share 49 crayons among 7 boys.__________________________

2. If a truck has 12 tyres, how many tyres will 11 trucks have?____________________

3. Think of the last syllable for these words.
Com + pu + ter = Computer
Mu + sic + ______ = ___________
De + ter + _______ = ___________
Ga + ra + _______ = ___________
Re + men + ______ = ___________
4. Complete this saying about magnets “Like poles _____________, unlike poles ____________________

How have you done?
Be sincere and bring your test along!!