We utilise every opportunity to teach! Our environment is structured in such a way that even the walls tell a story. The classes are designed to ensure comfort and productivity.

We recognise that the state of mind of every child is essential to learning. Nothing misses our eye, by observation and counselling we make sure that at all times our pupils are in a stable and happy frame of mind. When pupils join our school, we make note of their temperament and personality, we are careful not to dampen the day of a sensitive child

By differentiation, we recognise children require an extra push when others might not. Our tutoring scheme is designed to help the less able, whilst teaching the older child responsibility. This scheme makes learners eager to learn, as they look forward to sharing new knowledge.

Quarterly, the school invites professionals from different sectors to give inspirational talks. We discover early on what piques the interest of our learners and then we steadily groom these interests.

Raising children with a sense of social responsibility is part of the mission of this great school. We need learners who are aware of all aspects of society; it informs who they turn out to be in future. We teach our pupils to count their blessings by fulfilling a need in the community

Research shows that participation in sport activities keep the mind vibrant and also keeps the body fit. Learners indulge!!!

This is a digital age, so from the early stages our learners are guided on how to use digital devices. As pupils move to higher classes, they are instructed on how to, constructively access information on the internet, create word documents, fully use the tools of MS word. Pupils are also engaged in constant typing activities and games that require them to input numerical data.

Parents are not expected to bring a child feeling unwell to school, our teachers have also been trained to observe the wellbeing of a child as soon as they are dropped off. If a child is decided to be too ill for school by the school authorities, that child is sent back home for two basic reasons: to avoid an infection spreading to other pupils and also to avoid a healthy emergency.

However, the school collects medical information from all parents at the point of registration, if a child begins to feel unwell in school the following procedures are followed:

  • Pull up medical record of the child
  • Observe the symptoms
  • Check with the teacher if the parents mentioned prior that day and provided scheduled medication
  • Call parent
  • Administer medication as advised by parent or child’s doctor
  • Allow the child to rest in the medic room while plans are made to take the child home or to the hospital

In the case of an injury in school, basic first aid is applied by a trained personnel.