At pre-school level in Sang Bleu Academy, the core-curriculum used is the Montessori method which helps to lay solid foundation for children aged 3months to 5years. The children work with Montessori materials and other educational resources which serve as a tool to help younger children achieve their full potentials.

Our pre-school classes are divided into five levels.

  • Daycare (3months+)
  • Playgroup 1 (18months +)
  • Playgroup 2 (2years +)
  • Nursery1 (3years+)
  • Nursery11 (4years+).

The Montessori method helps the child to be disciplined, cultured, responsible, creative imaginative and self confident. For these reasons, the child-centered teaching approach is used in each class that is fully equipped with Montessori didactic materials in the the Five Montessori Curriculum area. Which are as follows

  1. Practical Life
  2. Sensorial Education
  3. Mathematics
  4. Language
  5. Cultural.

Each day starts with a circle time of about 30minutes. The child is given the opportunity and freedom to choose materials spontaneously from the shelves. The care-giver moves around the class to supervise the children’s work and assist them when necessary.

Practical Life
These exercises afford the child the opportunity to imitate adults as he/she carries out those daily tasks that adults consider ordinary and also include elementary and preliminary activities such as classroom conducts, development of social skills, grace and courtesy.

Sensorial Education
These helps to develop the following senses of the child like the chromaticism (sense of color), sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste and the muscular dimension. With the control of errors in Sensorial materials, the child’s senses are well refined. This also helps to lay proper foundation of understanding subjects like mathematics, geometry and scientific skills in future.

The child uses different approaches such as the number rods, sand paper numerals, spindle box, golden beads and sequence operations to compute simple addition, division and multiplication of numbers.

This includes phonetics development, written expression, reading, writing and grammar. Basic skills in writing and reading are developed through the use of sand paper and large moveable alphabets.

The child is introduced to Geography (the world and its inhabitants), History (natural evolution and concept of time), Botany (study of plants), Zoology (study of animals) and Science (animate and inanimate science), Music, Arts and movement through the use of apparatus. The Montessori materials help the child to develop personality, adapt to his/her culture and become an independent and useful member of the society.

With the curriculum being structured and carefully carried out by a well trained Montessori care-giver, the children are thus prepared to make a smooth transition to elementary school and other educational materials that they will come across in future.